To all the ladies in the place

To all the ladies in the place

Before I left the States for vacay, a good friend of mine gave me an idea of blogging while I was away, perhaps sharing the differences in culture, fashion, life in general for kids.  But as I sat on the beach yesterday, I felt there was something that was a little more important to me, and that was really eye opening.  


So let me back track a bit, because I want to let you into my day to day life a little more.  I wake up every morning I get Enzo up for school and we start our day. I make him breakfast and struggle to get his shoes on, as most of you mamas know it’s just one of the many hectic parts of our day.  I take him to school and I either go work out with one of my only real friends I’ve made in almost two years in Philly or come home and walk Kingston and Marley(my fur babies).


After all that, I have a little time to start working on Funky and Little before Enzo get’s home from school at 11:30am.  During that time I catch up on my social media. I post my pics and then I begin to scroll through hundreds and hundreds beautiful photos.  Then, my brain starts processing all of these photos...and suddenly that strong, smart, beautiful woman starts to fade little by little.  I soon start obsessing over my skin, my weight, my hair, my overall body image.  Why is my brain telling me this, my Mama didn’t raise this girl!  My husband always tells me how beautiful I am and sometimes I look at him like, quit bullshitting me! But, He is not a man to bullshit ANYONE so why don’t I just believe him or all the love and encouragement I get from my friends and family.  I am totally guilty of posting the perfectly angled picture of myself or even erasing beautiful memories with my little boy that I will never get back, simply because I thought I looked terrible.


You probably wouldn’t have guessed if you’ve been following my silly Insta Stories for awhile now that I’m really an introvert, I’m actually really shy and would never do or say half the things I post on Instagram if you were standing right in front of me!


Because I work from home and basically run my business through social media, I guess you can say I don’t get out much.


So, hitting the beach yesterday was just what I needed. I saw REAL women in bathing suits all different sizes, shapes, colors and all BEAUTIFUL.  Everyone was smiling laughing and enjoying the sun. And by the way not ONE person on that beach looked like a Kardashian.  I felt confidant in my skin again, I even looked down at the stretch marks on the side of my thighs at one point and thought WOW these look really cool in the sun! 


The brain is a muscle you have to train it to love the only body you will ever have.


This post is for all the ladies in the place with style and grace just trying to love themselves in a world telling us not to. Know your worth ladies, own your space and believe in your beauty it’s there, it’s always been there!




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